How to Teach your Toddler to use Scissors

As parents and caregivers, we constantly seek ways to foster our toddlers' development. Among the many essential skills they must acquire, using scissors plays a vital role in enhancing their fine motor skills and preparing them for various activities as they grow. Teaching toddlers to use scissors can be both exciting and little tricky. Here are some valuable steps I learned along the way after raising toddlers and teaching kindergarten.

Bonus if starting early, there are so many fun projects you can begin to do together using scissors!

First Step: Practice cutting with playdough

Playdough is a great place to start because these particular scissors are not sharp, playdough isn’t super tricky to cut, and it’s, of course, FUN. Spend a little time just letting your toddler experiment with playdough using their scissors: days, weeks, whatever you are comfortable with. But the key is to let your child explore. 

Second Step: Cut paper

Now is the time we’ll use scissors to cut paper. I'd personally start with construction paper or, honestly, whatever you have laying around. Allow your child to try to cut the paper, with some free range. But be sure to not let them get too comfortable cutting the incorrect way.- just long enough for them to know they may need some assistance. This step should be fun, but keep a close eye.

Third Step: Introduce the Scissors Song

This is a fun and catchy song to sing while cutting paper. Come on over to my Instagram page to hear me singing it (definitely not the best voice, fair warning). I’ve sung this song for the past seven years while teaching kindergarten. It’s one of my secret tools when teaching kids how to cut.

Scissors Song

Final Step: Practice Cutting using the Scissors Song

Included are 3 cutting pages to practice cutting (print as many times as you’d like to get lots of cutting practice). This is a fun activity to keep in your morning basket or practice during the day. Your child will really enjoy cutting and eventually making projects very soon with you! 

Download Here 

Cutting Sheet

Cutting Sheet

Cutting Sheet 

Download Here 

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