Recent Reviews

"I just want to say how amazing your kit is! When I subscribed I didn't have high hopes because others have disappointed me before but yours is really awesome! I can tell you take the time to make sure it's easy for the parents to understand and more! Everything was so well made! I'm just blown away. We homeschool and finding T is for Tot was such a blessing."- Tiffany Brito

“We absolutely LOVE our March Nature Box! We were able to spend time bonding and making memories while out doing the scavenger hunt and planting our fairy garden together. The play dough is also next level fluffy and lead to no less than two hours of quiet play time (mom win!). The kits are so beautifully and thoughtfully curated with family time and education at the heart of it. We have never found a more complete subscription box and our twins are looking forward to next months already!” -Morgan Harrington

"T is for TOT has become a staple in our daily routine and we absolutely love how fun, creative, and educational it is. My boys have a blast playing games, creating Pinterest-worthy crafts, and doing STEM experiments...and they're learning the whole time! I love how all I have to do is print it out- no preplanning necessary for me!" -Jade Sampson

"My daughter and I love the monthly subscription. With this subscription, we get many quality activities to choose from that are fun, engaging, and educational. Any day or night where we have some free time, I can pull out one of these many activities and know that my daughter will enjoy it and get some skills' practice. I also have to admit that I've had fun with these activities and materials as well!" -Erica Adkins

"As a busy, working mom of two toddlers, it's impossible for me to plan at home activities myself. This subscription has made it so easy for me to have engaging moments with my kids any day of the week, but especially the weekends where we are at risk of being glued to screens of all kinds. The activities are fun, age-appropriate and stimulating." -Natalie Chichetto