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Electricity learning kit for kids with all the components for hands-on experiments. Includes Squishy Circuits battery pack and light with batteries, homemade playdough with lightbulb playdough cutter, and static and solar electricity experiments. Comes with
Interactive electricity learning kit for kids, featuring Squishy Circuits battery pack, homemade playdough, and lightbulb playdough cutter. Includes experiments with static electricity and solar panels, along with
Squishy Circuits battery pack & light (batteries included) ages 3-6 STEM activity
Electricity experiment kit for kids with Squishy Circuits battery pack and light. Comes with homemade playdough, lightbulb playdough cutter, and experiments to understand static and solar electricity. Includes
Circuit playdough that lights up!  STEM play & learn experiments for ages 3-6
Hands-on electricity learning kit for children with Squishy Circuits battery pack, homemade playdough, and a lightbulb playdough cutter. Features static and solar electricity experiments, a detailed instruction brochure, and a copy of
Electricity Kit homemade non-toxic playdough and themed cutter for ages 3-6 enhancing fine motor skill development
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Imagine your child explores a coral reef, maps out the solar system, builds a set of model lungs, identifies flowers in your backyard, learns the basics of architecture, or goes on a pretend dinosaur dig…it's all possible with Learn + Play kits from T is for Tot.